You aren’t alone…

Currently living in a world where we feel alone can be particularly hard. My hardest day has been today. I’ve struggled with not being able to see family and friends, however I’ve managed to overcome that through constant calls and texting.

Today was different though in so many ways. I had my 28 week midwife appointment this morning. It is the first appointment I have attended in which I have experienced so many emotions battling with one another inside me and yet there was still a part of me that remained calm and focused. I was like a swan – looked calm and relaxed on the outside, but inside I was paddling frantically to a conclusion.

My first measurements were taken in this appointment and my midwife informed me that baby appears to be on the small side at 26cm. Due to this discovery I have been booked in next week for a growth scan. This will provide us with a clearer insight as to how baby is developing. Following that scan I will also have an Anti-D injection due to my blood type of rhesus negative.

What struck me first was that I was receiving this news alone, I didn’t have anyone familiar sharing the experience with me or providing me with a supportive gesture. I felt lonely. Immediately questions were flying around my head, mainly based on what ifs and outcomes.

When I left the hospital an hour later I contacted my partner, my best friend and rang my mum. I needed to hear a familiar voice, the voice that has comforted me since the day I was born.

Despite constant reassurance, initially from my midwife and then from family and friends, I am still worrying. My midwife told me to take it one step at a time, explaining it could be baby’s position which is contributing towards the measurement outcome. She also advised that my petite figure would probably mean I am more likely to give birth to a small baby.

Even so, it doesn’t necessarily make the process any easier. I’m trying to prepare for every eventuality whilst also remaining positive.

It’s ok to be afraid though, at any point, but especially now. In such unprecedented times when expectant mothers have to attend appointments alone, it can be difficult and overwhelming. Whether it is your first pregnancy or third, the pure absence of someone accompanying you to appointments is difficult enough. With the addition of bumps (big or small) along the way it can almost feel like you are a lonely target.

However, remember no matter what you are experiencing, you are not alone. Every expectant/new mother will feel alone at some point. It is the realisation of support being a phone call away, online forums and groups being accessible from the comfort of your sofa. Sometimes, simply keeping busy means you have less time to worry or overthink.

Recently, I have taken to binge reading, following exercise tutorials online and binge watching new TV series. I also ensure I go for a walk everyday.

So, if you are finding things difficult or simply want a non-biased fellow pregnant lady to talk to, do not hesitate in contacting. Often enough, sharing problems feels like a great weight has been removed from your shoulders.

How do you like to start your morning?

I start mine with a coffee at 7am.

Pregnancy has brought many positive aspects into my life: healthier hair and skin (probably due to a healthier and stricter diet), determination to keep to a certain routine and a greater enjoyment of the outdoors.

Previously I suffered from acne prone skin and following numerous forms of treatment both over the counter and prescribed, I found La Roche Posay Effaclar system which worked wonders in clearing my skin up.

Then pregnancy struck and my hormones changed again. Whereas before I couldn’t touch deep moisturising products, now they are part of my go to routine. I have been using Clinique Moisture Surge which provides enough hydration without causing an oily appearance, it also acts as an excellent base for my foundation.

So on the overall appearance front I would say I am pretty much winning, to the extent where I spend extra time putting makeup on and doing my hair in a morning.

Then there is the early starts. From the age of 13 I avoided early starts at all costs, weekends and holidays were all about laying in bed for as long as possible (usually until my mum encouraged me to put a halt to the sloth like living – gross I know). Now, 8am is classed as a lie-in, with 7am being my usual start. Never before did I believe it would make such a difference. I now go for longer walks and take time to appreciate my local area. University and house work get completed by lunch, giving me afternoons to enjoy reading, crafts, baking or simply just relaxing. The 15 weeks of morning sickness were definitely worth it.

Don’t get me wrong there are days where I lack the energy to do anything. However, for me simply looking in the mirror and putting a smile on my face followed by a few deep breaths provides me with the motivation I need. Of course there are ups and downs to pregnancy, just remember there are others experiencing it too and you are never alone.

Fancy a chat, pop me a message 🙂

A very cosmopolitan Friday

As I sit here drinking my cosmopolitan mocktail on the day of the week which used to consist of having a cheeky Baileys in front of the TV or catching up with friends over a meal and cocktails.

Instead I am watching Say Yes To The Dress whilst reflecting on how much has changed in the past year.

A year ago I had just completed my undergraduate degree in Education Studies, this meant a family holiday to Orlando to celebrate. Having dedicated three years of my life to get closer to achieving the right career path, I then decided to commit to another year of full time studies to truly allow myself to decide what I wanted after.

Graduating in November and visiting my uncle in Australia in December opened up my eyes to the opportunities I have.

During my masters studies I became significantly more aware of my desire to work either with young children or within a setting which allows me to provide support to others who are in a vulnerable position. As a huge supporter of children learning through play, both the role of pre-school coordinator and a play therapist became of particular interest.

Finding out about my pregnancy brought about both excitement and fear. The simple concept of suddenly attaining a huge amount of responsibilities initially felt daunting but still achievable. Fear soon turned to excitement upon providing myself with time to think about the idea and to get used to it.

Despite becoming a parent at a young age, the dreams and ambitions I had are still there and stronger than ever.

With that bit of extra determination anyone is capable of following their desired path.